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Understanding and Doing our Part on Veterans Day


Veterans Day was created to honor, give thanks and pay our respect to those brave men and woman who have served their nation. These individuals have selflessly set aside their everyday lives in order to defend ones country and freedoms, this willingness and sacrifice is admired by us all here at The Dina Collection. This type of courage and dedication is what makes a nation strong. Take some time to understand the history of the Holiday itself, how the holiday was originally called “Armistice Day” and was first celebrated on November 11, 1919 which happened to be the first anniversary of World War I.


While we cannot even begin to repay these souls for wanting to help us seek peace, we can surely assist with easing any difficulty that they may be experiencing such as physical, psychological or even financial hardship. There are various ways we can show our gratitude, here are a couple foundations where you can donate:

National Veterans Foundation

Disabled Veterans Foundation 

Veterans Support Foundation 

Purple Heart Foundation 

Message from Yossi on Veterans Day

On this Veterans Day I would like to honor all military veterans and send a special remembrance to all of those who have supported the fight for truth, equality and peace thought the world.

As a young man I served for three years as a top commander parachutist in the Special Unit of the Israeli Army. I lost a lot of friends in the war and I have a strong appreciation for Veterans Day. I traveled to Israel three months ago just to reunite with my veteran countrymen and I am blessed to have served with them and to still know them many years later.

This day reminds us to never forget those who have died for our freedom, and to remember that they are the reason we should strive to keep history from repeating itself by doing what is right and honorable in our every day lives.


Yossi Dina