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Auguste Rodin “Pioneer of Modern Sculpture”

French sculptor Auguste Rodin is known for creating several iconic works, he surpassed a turbulent and discouraging beginning and is now considered one of the “Pioneers” of modern sculpture .


Because of poor vision, Rodin had trouble seeing figures drawn on the blackboard in school and struggled to follow lesson especially in the more academic courses, this excluded him greatly. Being that he was nearsighted, Rodin developed an evident talent as an artist after finding comfort in drawing. Discouraged and doubtful after receiving little validation and encouragement from instructors and classmates, his disappointed continued after being denied twice at the prestigious art school in Paris; Ecole Des Beaux-Arts. Feeling rejected and having to earn a living, Rodin began working as a decorative bricklayer.


Gates of Hell by Auguste Rodin

Two decades later, Rodin made the bold decision to embark in an artistic career. Soon after “The Vanquished”, which was later named “The Age of Bronze”, was completed. Although this piece earned Rodin some recognition, it was not until he was in his early 40’s that he was established for his distinctive style as a sculptor. A Bronze sculpture “The Brurghers of Calais,” depicting the war during the Hundred Years war between France and England was made a public monument. This was one of many commissioned pieces that Rodin made. Sadly, Rodin did not live to finish “The Gates of Hell”, an intricate monument which consisted of various figures, including “The Thinker” (1880) and “the Kiss” (1886) but he did live to see that his talents were greatly appreciated. Considered a pioneer of modern sculpture, Rodin’s work continues to be studied and admired by scholars, artist, students and the “average joe.”

Here at The Dina Collection we are fortunate to have one of his timeless pieces “The Eternal Spring”. Rodin Strongly believed in being one with nature, this philosophy can be seen through many of his works.

"Eternal Spring"

“Eternal Spring”

“There are unknown forces in nature; when we give ourselves wholly to her, without reserve, she lends them to us; she shows us these forms, which our watching eyes do not see, which our intelligence does not understand or suspect.”