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The History of Rolex

England is best known for their Royal family, Wimbledon, Shakespeare, historic castles, high tea, fish and chips, impeccable punctuality and the beginning of one of the greatest and most popular watch companies of all time – Rolex!

Rolex Logo

History of Rolex

Rolex Hans WilsdorfIt is a fact that the British are always on time, and one contributing factor to this punctuality began in the early 1900’s when Hans Wilsdorf, a watch maker who trained under a Swiss manufacturer, and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, opened a watch company in London called Wilsdorf & Davis. This family owned business specialized in high end timepieces and would quickly become one of the most precise, prestigious and revolutionary brands of watches. In 1908, Wilsdorf registered the trademark “Rolex”, a name that he found to be easily pronounceable in any language to represent his amazing watches. In 1919, he left England due to the hight wartime taxes and duties that were levied on luxury imports and exports which drove his costs too high. Wilsdorf moved his company to Geneva, Switzerland, where it was established as the Rolex Watch Company.

Rolex Technology

ROLEX Submariner Steel Green Dial Watch

Rolex pioneered improvements in manufacturing that would change the entire industry, with innovations such as water and dust proof system, timer, chronometer and their incredibly resistant materials. The Rolex bezel is considered impossible to break and is made of the same material that NASA uses on space shuttles. In fact, the dial can handle the pressure of 3900 meters; as the dial is made of titanium. The metal used in Rolex watches is so strong in fact, that the factory had to develop a fabrication press that weighs 250 tons to manage it! This is obviously not just an expensive and high end brand; it is a top quality product with a lifetime investment value.

Rolex Contributions

In 1944 after the passing of his beloved wife, Hans Wilsdorf left all of his shares in Rolex to the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, a foundation he established to make sure that an amount of the company’s income would go to charity. Rolex remains a foundation to the present day and greatly supports charitable causes. According to various rumors it has been said that the Vatican recently bought part of it Rolex, yet this is a rumor we have yet to confirm. Anyhow, the quality of the manufactory remains famous for their flawless productions.

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ROLEX Day-Date President 18K Yellow Gold With Diamond Bezel And Dial

The King of Beverly Hills Yossi vs Clark Gable

Check out this sneak peek into the vault at The Dina Collection. The vault houses a 1935 Bubbleback Rolex watch that belonged to Clark Gable the king of Hollywood! Find out who the King of Beverly Hills is… We here at The Dina Collection have watched this over and over because it shows how funny Yossi can be – Enjoy!

The King of Beverly Hills vs. the King of Hollywood