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The Chabad House in Dharamsala

Chabad Dharamsala from Sarah Lehat on Vimeo.

The Chabad House in Dharamsala, initiated by the Droro Shaul, and was established in 2000. Before becoming a Rabbi, Shaul now 38, was simply an explorer searching for meaning. Through his journey he encountered many things he learned yet he felt he lacked one thing, the one thing that many of us seem to search for: spirituality. Being that he was in India he headed to the monastery, here he began his studies to becoming a monk. After giving it a fair chance he did not feel the emptiness in his soul fill with what he hoped would be great faith and so he turned to Judaism. Here he started to feel more absolute, the many questions he had seemed to be answered. He found purpose and meaning in his life.

This is when he opened the Chabad House in Daramsalla. The emissaries are working all over the area of Dharamsala, including the town of Meclod Ganje and the village of Bagsu; it became a designated place that offered travelers including the Jewish community in the area an array of services and activities. The purpose for the Chabad House is to assist the Jewish community physically and spirituality. It has made significant changes within the community; yet they are not solely for the Jewish demographic they are open to anyone who is need of assistance and in search of spiritual healing. If you happen to be lost and in need of food, you can count on the Chabad house to take you in; there have been numerous touching stories on how they have helped individuals coming from different background and different beliefs just because they find it their duty to give and help anyone who asks for it.

They offer course which they call “College Hbibota” which is described as a course that is a “journey of love in the depths of the soul” it is a six week program which explores topics such as; Tree of life, psychtheraphy according to the method of Baal Sheim Tiv, workshop testimony from Jewish cooking, relaxation and meditation according to the Kabbalah and many more. The Chabad House is not limited to just the school it offers many more courses and workshops and it also invites the community to help.

The Chabad House is now open year round and their arms are always opened to welcome anyone and everyone. Learn more on their site here

 You can donate here:

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