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The $1 Million Patek Philippe!

If watches are what you love then you have come to the right place! We are excited to share this exciting and treasured timepiece with you that will keep you on the edge of your seat – just as it has done to us from the moment it arrived in our beautiful store! The Patek Philippe 3974 R Minute Repeater Perpetual Automatic watch is a rare and important timepiece to the general public and horologists alike. It is one of the most desirable modern Patek Philippe watches in the world and features an automatic Patek Philippe movement with the time, perpetual calendar, moon phase indicator, and a minute repeater complication with an elegant chime to announce the time.

This watch is the perfect size of just 36mm wide with a classic leather band. It may look simple in nature to those not interested in watches, yet the technology and skill used to create this work of art makes it stand out from the competition. The perpetual calendar alone is an exciting feature: it allows you to track the date, day of the week, month, year, leap year and most amazingly it only needs to be adjusted once every century. Yes, once a CENTURY meaning most owners of this watch will never, ever have to adjust the calendar in their entire lifetime! Talk about being stranded on a desert island – if that is the case this is the watch you want. It may not feed you or provide you with shelter, but at least you will know exactly how long you were stranded and the season so you can retell your story with timestamped accuracy!

This spectacular Patek boasts a price tag of over $1 million dollars, it is truly remarkable and reflects the tenacity of the market as well as the collectible nature of the Patek Philippe brand. If you aren’t a watch lover yet this piece should be your catalyst!

$1 Million Patek Philippe 3974 R Minute Repeater Perpetual Automatic$1 Million Patek Philippe 3974

Patek Philippe with Automatic Movement, 36mm Case, Manufactured in 1994.

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