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Forget Me Not Day

To celebrate today’s fun holiday “Forget me not day” we want to Motivate you all to go out of your way to send a family, friend or a loved one a little something special!


We all love a bouquet a flowers!

Here are some Suggestions on how you can make that special person know that they are being thought of!

  • Take them out to a memorable dinner where you can reminisce
  • Or forget that and cook them up a special meal
  • Get them a “Favorite” something of theirs
  • Write a card
  • Let them know their potential and congratulate them on their success thus far
  • Send them a funny video
  • Tell them what qualities about them you admire
  • Introduce them to something new
  • Frame a photo of the two of you
  • Simply tell them you care about them!
  • Get a gift from The Dina Collection of course!


Here is a great gift idea if you really want to show someone that they will never be forgotten! You can find this here at The Dina Collection eBay account. We assure you, you too will not be forgotten if you are giving this as a gift!



Jewelry Pieces to Help You Put Together Seven Halloween Costumes

Are you headed to a party this weekend and not sure what to wear? Why not build a costume based on your favorite jewelry pieces!

Hoop Earrings
Be a Pirate. Wear a single hoop earring with tall leather boots over skinny black jeans, a billowy white long-sleeve top and a slick pirate hat. If you are looking to upscale your look check out these goregous Gold & Diamond earrings available in store or online:

Bangle Bracelets
Be Cleopatra. Wear a bracelet or two higher on your arm. Add a simple white ankle-length dress cinched with a gold sash, and grab an Egyptian collar. Eyeliner is key!

You can also be Athena. Again, wear the bracelet as an armband. Add a toga (this can be as simple as four yards of fabric bought at a craft store) Use gold curling ribbon around the waist or criss-crossed over the chest for a nice detail.The Dina Collection has an array of bangles to sort through to find the perfect one. These are just a few of the bangles available in store or online:

X-Rated Diamond Bangle

Chandelier Earrings with Necklace
Be an Indian Bride. Wear a pair of beautiful chandelier earrings and jeweled necklace with a saree to look like a Far East princess on her special day. These and more are available in store and online:
Platinum Diamond & Pearl Chandelier Earrings
Emerald Necklace with Dangled Pearl

Large Diamond Earrings
Be Marilyn Monroe. Pair the diamond earrings with a knee-length, halter-top white dress to get the iconic look Marilyn made famous.

Also be Elizabeth Taylor. Set off your diamond earrings by using a scarf to wrap your hair up in Taylor’s infamous turban, secure it with a glitzy pin or brooch, and wear the classiest formal dress in your closet. Earrings and an array of brooches are available at The Dina Collection. Here are a few:
Pave Set Diamond 14K Stud EarringsBird of Passion Brooch
Pearl Necklace
Be Audrey Hepburn. Combine as many pearls as you can with a cute little black dress, throw up your hair in a timeless 60s up-do and grab a cigarette holder to become her in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Available in store or online, take a look at this lovely pearl piece:18K Buccellati Pearl Necklace

Good luck and don’t forget to have fun with it!