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Run, Forrest, Run to The Dina Collection!

Tom Hanks is known for playing the role of many beloved characters, over the years. We have seen him surviving in the wild with his loyal volley ball-friend “Mr. Wilson” in Cast Away, braving pirates in the Indian ocean in Captain Philips, being a romantic email fool in You’ve Got Mail, moving everybody in The Green Mile and he has continued to conquer our sympathy through the years.

When you think of Tom Hanks, there is one movie that exceled his carrier, a movie everybody loves and remembers, a movie about a kind and naïve man named Forrest Gump. This story is about friendship, loyalty and love to the world and Tom Hanks told it masterfully, and even received an Oscar for the role.

Even after having watched it over 100 times, it’s impossible not to feel the excitement and relief every time we see young Forrest running and freeing himself from his legs braces, as a man running just because he felt like it, or running to save his eternal love, Jennie, in the middle of a revolution.

Tom Hanks Running in his Bubba Gump Red Hat

Such a sweet story that stays alive in our memories even after 20 years. Here at The Dina Collection we have the one and only, the real, the original and very famous Forrest Gump Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. baseball cap.

How cool is that? I know, very cool. Actually it is so awesome that our dear Yossi proudly displays this amazing movie memorabilia at the store, but he affirms that he is not ready to sell it at any price, the item is obviously way too special.

Tom Hanks Forrest Gump Hat

Sorry to disappoint the Tom Hanks big fans, but even knowing the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. cap is not for sale, is still worth it to come to the store and check it out. Between all the memorabilia, Forrest Gump’s red hat is certainly one of our favorite.

Still, when you pass by our store, don’t forget all of the other items that were once featured in some of your favorite movies and are now in our store. If you’re ready to check it all out then run to visit us, run, run!

King Kong at the Dina Collection?

Amongst the diamonds, jewels and amazing art at The Dina Collection we also have a HUGE array of movie memorabilia. One of our most recent arrivals is the stunt hand used in the original 1976 King Kong film starring Jeff Bridges (Iron Man) and Jessica Lange (from the FX hit American Horror Story). Along with the amazing stunt hand is the original costume Jessica wore while being ‘man handled’ by the big gorilla.

Stop by the store and check out this exciting piece of movie history! We’re bringin’ a whole new meaning to the words ”monkey business”!

We have King Kong at the Dina Collection!

King Kong Hand with Dress

King Kong Hand with Jessica Lange

Elizabeth Taylor’s dress from A Place In The Sun

Elizabeth Taylor dubbed as ”greatest movie star of all” was an inspiration to many. This beautiful icon was an activist, fashionista, survivor and an all around amazing woman. We at The Dina Collection are proud to announce that we are in possession of the original Daisy Dress worn by Elizabeth Taylor and seen in the 1951 film ‘A Place In The Sun’.

This gorgeous vintage dress is not as bright and full as it once was, but it still represents a piece of history and elegance that is so desirable today. Own this beautiful dress by contacting The Dina Collection Concierge at (310) 888-8888.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Dress

Dress of Elizabeth Taylor in A Place In The Sun Film

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