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Kate Moss Up for Auction

Kate Moss Auction

One of our all time favorite supermodels (and we mean SUPER) Kate Moss is putting a collection of art up for sale through Christie’s Auction House. Want to know the best part? All the pictures are of Queen Kate herself!

Hailed as the ultimate fashion muse this is going to be one HOT auction. Philippe Garner, director of photographs at Christie’s, said Kate was ”delighted” to be told she was starring in her own show although she was “slightly bewildered to see herself turned into works of art being presented in Christie’s auction house.”

“She can see pictures she knows just as sheets from a magazine turned into full works of art.”

Kate MossThe show consists of 58 artworks of Ms.Kate including photographs by renowned artists like Annie Liebovitz, Sam Taylor-Wood and Mario Testino. Curated by art collector Gert Elfering, the sale will feature a mixture of photographs, paintings, sculptures, collages and even a tapestry. ”I am pleased to be working with Christie’s once again, on this occasion to celebrate the living icon Kate Moss,” said Elfering. “She is the subject and inspiration for this collection, but the importance of the present works is in her collaboration with the internationally renowned artists who created them. She has altered perceptions for women across the globe, encouraging them towards greater individuality and expressive freedom.  There is so much you can learn from Kate – how you should always remain true to yourself, develop your own style, and emphasize your individuality.”

The sale will take place on September 25 and the public will be able to visit the collection at Christie’s in London from September 21 until September 24. This is a MUST SEE people! So who’s lending me their private jet?