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Understanding and Doing our Part on Veterans Day


Veterans Day was created to honor, give thanks and pay our respect to those brave men and woman who have served their nation. These individuals have selflessly set aside their everyday lives in order to defend ones country and freedoms, this willingness and sacrifice is admired by us all here at The Dina Collection. This type of courage and dedication is what makes a nation strong. Take some time to understand the history of the Holiday itself, how the holiday was originally called “Armistice Day” and was first celebrated on November 11, 1919 which happened to be the first anniversary of World War I.


While we cannot even begin to repay these souls for wanting to help us seek peace, we can surely assist with easing any difficulty that they may be experiencing such as physical, psychological or even financial hardship. There are various ways we can show our gratitude, here are a couple foundations where you can donate:

National Veterans Foundation

Disabled Veterans Foundation 

Veterans Support Foundation 

Purple Heart Foundation 

1,600 Year Old Sweater

1,600 Year Old SweaterOne of the stranger items to be found beneath the melting glaciers is a perfectly-preserved boatneck tunic made between 230-390 A.D. – That’s pretty chic for being over 1600 years old!

According to Discovery News, the tunic was found in Norway randomly bundled up in an hunting area on the Norwegian Lendbreen glacier at 6,560 feet above the sea level. The sweater featured lamb and sheep wool in a diamond twill weave and would have fit a man who was 5 feet, 9 inches tall. Upon closer inspection it was discovered to have been mended twice with patches. Talk about eco-friendly!

“It is a very rare item. Complete garments from early first millennium A.D. Europe can be counted on the fingers of one hand,” Lisa Bender Jørgensen of Norwegian University, Science and Technology told Discovery News. She added that, “Due to global warming, Norwegian Glacierrapid melting of snow patches and glaciers is taking place in the mountains of Norway as in other parts of the world, and hundreds of archaeological finds emerge from the ice each year.” They say there is always a silver lining, perhaps this is it for global warming – cool archaeological discoveries… I wonder what’s next, high-waisted pants and a crop jacket?