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Happy Birthday Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly – Well known TV actress during the Golden age of Television, Golden Globe and Academy award Nominee and winner, and of course Princess would have celebrated her Birthday today!


Her exquisite, pearl like beauty, her restrained sexuality and her regal presence helped make Grace Patricia Kelly the star that she was and continues to be. She decided at a young age that she wanted to become an Actress and moved to New York City to pursue her aspiration at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, although her affluent father did not necessarily support it.

Embarking in an acting career in the 1950’s also known as the Golden Age of Television, she was featured in over 40 episodes of live drama productions and various theatrical productions. She gained stardom once she started to make appearances on film.

Winning an Oscar for Best Actress in Mogambo, Three Golden Globes and a multitude of other nomination and wins, she was able to dazzle the heart of the Prince of Monaco who made her Princess!

Today we celebrate her radiant aristocratic ways and her serene highness. Happy Birthday Grace Kelly!