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Fall/Winter 2014 Jewelry Trends & Motifs

Piling up on rings, going bold on chains, and indulging in some classic motifs; let’s check out the essential jewellery trends for the 2014 Fall/Winter!

The use of jewelry marks another fascinating way of revealing bits about your inner self. This 2014 Fall/Winter, the jewelry trends are borrowing inspiration from anthropology, symbolism and mysticism, and displaying strong bohemian and western influences.

Neo-Bohemian Trend

This year has seen bohemian influences develop a whole new dimension of beauty, heritage, about the power of spiritualism. Indulge in gold chokers, delicate chains and rings, and engraved arm cuffs now and keep on layering against chunky knits and weightless button-down this cool season. To make the most of the neo-bohemian trend, seek unique and handcrafted designs, both delicate and loud, to layer together, or wear separately for more of a subtle look.

Symbolism Trend

Chic and chunky jewelry featuring crystal skulls and exaggerated eyes, pendants with key symbols hand engraved, tribal pieces made contemporary-chic: all delve in symbolism and the ’70s inspired mysticism.Tell a story this season by indulging in these magical jewelry motifs. From antique metals and semi-precious gemstone, to rough and rustic golds, and sterling silver, every setting is imagined to introduce a personal tale.

Western Influenced Trend

With the western style continuing to exercise its influence over the fall 2014 fashion trends, its impact managed to also shape the direction jewelry is taking this season. Western inspired square ties adorned with denim lapis stones, geometric shapes cast in antique plated silver, double stick collars and roped in earrings make the theme fresh and easy to indulge in.

Key Styles

With the key themes and motifs in mind, the jewelry styles to invest in for the fall are awaiting you:

-Stacking rings, of various sizes and shapes, both delicate and chunky
-Smooth plated chokers in antique silver and gold, finished with delicate charms and arrow drops
-Intricate hand-pieces, bearing bohemian influences
-Delicate pendants, inviting you to layer all sorts of symbols together for a full Alchemical effect

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