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LA Business Journal Article – Star Shine

Today Yossi was featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal, how exciting! We love finding more stuff on him to add to our scrapbook. It’s getting really fat now… hopefully Yossi’s head won’t follow if so he won’t be able to fit through the front doors of The Dina Collection! Haha – just kidding we love you Yossi!

Read Star Shine from The Los Angeles Business Journal

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We wish you a wonderful and Happy Valentine’s Day full of love and happy memories!

A Valentine’s Day shopping tip from Dominique:

“Look for sweet memento jewelry – especially pieces that can be engraved. Lockets for photos are always nice but nothing beats something that belonged to you that she can wear and cherish!”

Dominique’s favorite part of Valentine’s Day: Conversation hearts, cuddles and cologne!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dominique’s Top Tips For Jewelry Shopping

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means now is the perfect time to be shopping for jewelry. Trust us, guys, almost every woman wants a shiny new trinket in a velvet-lined box on the most romantic day of the year. Dominique has proved time and time again on Beverly Hills Pawn that she pretty much knows everything there is to know about jewelry, so who better to dish out some advice?

In terms of the best general, fine-jewelry-buying tip, Dominique recommends really getting tactile with it. Don’t just look at it — pick it up, touch it, feel the weight of it, and even smell it. Though her nose is finely tuned to detect even minor impurities in precious metals, anyone can smell the brassiness of fake gold. And of course if you’re buying pearls you should run them along your teeth to see if they’re gritty and sandy the way real pearls should be. According to Dom, fine jewelry is like fine cuisine: it should stimulate all the senses.

So now we know how to detect fake gold and faux pearls, but what about diamonds? According to Dom, there’s a surefire way to tell a diamond from a cubic zirconia, and it’s basically to look into the stone the way you’d look into someone’s eyes. A diamond will sparkle, just like the eyes of someone you’re really connecting with. A zirconia will have the dead, empty look of the eyes of somebody you’d rather not deal with. Once you’re sure the rock is real, she also had a quick and easy trick to see if the stone is in a good color range. You take the diamond off your hand, and hold it next to a white piece of paper. If the stone still looks white, it’s a good color. If the stone starts to look yellowish, it’s probably lower on the color scale.

It’s February, which means it’s the time of year that lots of fellas will be buying one very special piece of jewelry indeed. According to Dominique, any guy in the market for an engagement ring should find out which shape of diamond his sweetheart wants. Every woman has been checking out rings for years, and it’s a pretty safe bet that she’s known what shape is her favorite long before she met you. If you bring the wrong shape, Dominique says that you’ll be dead in the water.

The final tip from Dominique is to remember that a special piece of jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank. Sometimes it’s the unusual, unique, imperfect pieces of jewelry that speak to us the most.

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Beverly Hills Pawn Live to See Another Pawn Poster!

His name is Dina… Yossi Dina. Check out our new ‘Live to See Another Pawn’ poster for all new Episodes of Beverly Hills Pawn airing January 8, 2014 only on Reelz. Don’t The Dina Collection clan look amazing decked out in gold? Yossi looks particularly striking with a weapon in his hand. We always said he was deadly charming when it comes to a diamond sale, now we can expand his resume!

Don’t miss new episodes of Beverly Hills Pawn in January!

Beverly Hills Pawn Live to See Another Pawn Poster

Shooting Bumpers for New Episodes of Beverly Hills Pawn

Today the stars of Beverly Hills Pawn shot bumpers for the new episodes of Beverly Hills Pawn that will air in January. They had way too much fun filming and the fun never stops at The Dina Collection! Check out these fun photos from behind the scenes inside Beverly Hills Pawn!

Bumper Filming at The Dina Collection

Watch new episodes of Beverly Hills Pawn to find out why Yossi is making this face!

Bumper filming with Dominique & Yossi

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