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Artist James Clar sues Rihanna for plagiarism


Pop and art are not the same. In fact, pop is far from art as pop is about one thing – money and art is about everything, art is here to evoke a range of emotions, positive or negative or both, while pop wants to evoke only positive emotions, pop needs positive emotions so it’ll appeal to the masses and turn into sales.

Popart wants to appeal to the masses too but it’s here to say something about pop culture, it’s about open the masses eyes to the the pop culture they live in. The idea is to use the system to protest against it. That is probably the reason why American artist James Clar started a legal battle with pop singer Rihanna, accusing her of plagiarism in her video for ROCKSTAR 101

Clar works a lot with neon on his art works, in his 2006 piece he placed neon tubes spelling “you” to the ceiling and more tubes spelling “me” hanged from those. Rihanna’s video starts with something similar but the words are “rock” and “star” instead, very nuvo-reach and vapid, let alone unoriginal!

Rihanna James ClarWhen you look at the two pictures above, try to compare the feelings you get when looking at each one of them, the emotions you get when looking at  James Clar’s picture are probably deeper than those you feel from looking at Rihanna’s one.

Apparently, it’s not the first time an artist want to take Rihanna to court for copying his art, it was David LaChapelle back in 2011 and it was settled privately.