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Beverly Hills Pawn Merchandise!

If you love all things Beverly Hills and all things Pawn then we are excited to share all of our cool new Beverly Hills Pawn merchandise with you! Designed exclusively for The Dina Collection • Beverly Hills Pawn is a collection of shirts and hats available only in the official store of The Dina Collection • Beverly Hills Pawn.

The Beverly Hills Pawn T-Shirts

We have fun Beverly Hills Pawn t-shirts for both men and women. Our classic black Beverly Hills Pawn t-shirt is simple, sleek and available in two different colors of graphics: white and gray. The Yossi Catch Phrases t-shirt is a fun way to remember your favorite moments of Yossi blurbs from the show, available in a regular cut for men and a special fitted cut for women!

You can’t go wrong when you ‘Keep Calm & Pawn On’ so we have created an awesome Black t-shirt with silver foil stamped letters for men and a sexy slim fit, v-neck, white t-shirt with gold foil stamped letters for women. Since we love diamonds and ladies we have designed a special fitted ladies t-shirt! The Beverly Hills Pawn white burn out t-shirt featuring a rhinestone studded diamond in the sky is a perfect representation of all that is feminine and pawn in Beverly Hills!

The Men’s Shirts

The Women’s Shirts

The Beverly Hills Pawn Baseball Caps

Look stylish and protect yourself from the sun in a Beverly Hills Pawn baseball cap! One size fits all this 100% Acrylic cap has an adjustable velcro strap and a curved bill. Perfect for wearing around town or to your favorite game!

Beverly Hills Pawn Cap

Official Beverly Hills Pawn Show Posters

If you would like to have a poster of Beverly Hills Pawn that is signed by the entire cast then look no further! Yossi has agreed donate autographed Beverly Hills Pawn posters free of charge with every donation made to Larger Than Life, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with cancer. To obtain one of these 11 x 17 inch posters please make a check payable to ‘Larger Than Life’ and mail it to us at The Dina Collection. We are collecting donations for Larger Than Life and shipping the posters directly from our store, which is why we ask you mail the checks payable to ‘Larger Than Life’ directly to us. Your donation to Larger Than Life is tax deductible. We are accepting any amount large or small, donations as small as $18 will make a difference in the lives of a child with cancer. Please mail your check to: The Dina Collection. 249 S. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Beverly Hills Pawn Signed Posters

How to Purchase Beverly Hills Pawn Merchandise

You can pick up this amazing merchandise directly from our store, be sure to take a photo with Yossi or other members of the cast if they are available! To order merchandise online please visit us at thedinacollection.com.

Larger Than Life – Helping Children With Cancer

Larger Than Life

On Sunday, October 13, 2013 Larger Than Life – L.A. Family will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary. This star studded event will be at the Beverly Hilton and will honor the Children of West Coast Dream Trip.

Larger Than Life KidsLarger Than Life works to improve the quality of life of children with cancer, and their families – in Israel, as well as in our local community. The organization treats all sick children alike, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

The Children of West Coast Dream Trip offers 40 children, ages 9-19, the adventure of a lifetime! These wonderful children will stay in California for 12 days and get to experience the wonders of Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Magic Mountain. They will have a chance to go on helicopter rides, board and captain a private yacht, cruise up and down the California coastline in Ferraris and other luxury vehicles, visit the attractions of historical Hollywood, sample various restaurants, attend hockey games and even take photos with celebrities and athletes.

Larger Than Life Helping Children

Larger Than Life Helicopter RideLarger Than Life works to improve the lives of children by funding social workers who assist families of children with cancer, providing medicine, medical equipment and other supplies that are not always accessible to families. They arrange family trips to keep families united and strong and to help heal the wear and tear that the stress of cancer takes on family relationships. They have helped establish a research laboratory at Tel Hashomer hospital for innovative medications and cancer research to save the lives of children and have funded various programs related to cancer research and care. Larger Than Life has even built a sterile kindergarten for children ages two to five so they can continue their education without the threat of contamination and illness due to their weakened immune systems. The biggest task for them is to fulfill the wishes of the children by taking them to the places they want to see and introducing them to people they want to meet.

Larger Than Life FunThe work of Larger Than Life goes beyond basic needs and wishes. There have been numerous miracle stories where children have recovered simply from the joy and positivity the program brings. One such story is of two girls in Israel who journeyed through their illnesses together. When the time came to travel to California one of the girls was denied authorization because her health condition was too poor to travel. The girl was devastated and her friend declined the trip to California to stand by her side. At the last moment a doctor reviewed her health and permitted her to travel given she begin treatment the moment she returned to the Israel. The girls were thrilled and soaked up everything the trip had to offer with such zeal and vigor that upon return to Israel she went into remission and didn’t even need the scheduled treatment. No one could have predicted such an outcome but the love, happiness, and positivity that came from such an amazing trip gave her a second chance at life!

Facing the Devil Head On

One year, Yair Gavrielli, one of the four founders of Larger Than Life, chaperoned the children on a theme park ride. Midway through the ride the roller coaster suddenly stopped and they were stuck high in the air for over twenty minutes. Yair confessed that he was terrified and tried to keep a brave face as the children laughed and joked about their predicament. He couldn’t show them how afraid he was because he wanted to be as strong as they were on a daily basis. “They looked into the eyes of the devil and faced him head on, how could I be so afraid of such a silly thing as being stuck on a ride?” said Yair with a glimmer of such emotion and love in his eyes that one could only hold their breath at the thought of this truth. Children who face cancer are stronger than most and with organizations such as Larger Than Life they have a chance at living their dreams!

Larger Than Life Universal Studios

Yossi Dina, President of The Dina Collection, has been a contributor to Larger Than Life since its inception and he is dedicated to growing his support and donations for this amazing cause. Last year he contributed in the efforts to raise the one million dollars used to improve the lives of the children, this year his goal is to double that number. 100% of proceeds go to supporting the cause and contributions are tax deductible as permitted by law. If you are interesting in supporting this amazing cause please send a check, made payable to Larger than Life, to The Dina Collection located at 249 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212; or call Yair at (323) 833-2111 with your credit card donation; or go online to largerthanlifela.com to make your contribution.