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Viva Elvis Presley’s Piano!

Elvis White Knabe Grand Piano

Like a time portal from the 60′s directly to The Dina Collection, we have the beautifully preserved piano that once belong to the great and iconic Elvis Presley!  35 years after he died, we are still glorifying the king of Rock N’Roll, the inventor of Rockabilly and the most influential person in music history. He lives in our hearts and memories and now he resides in Beverly Hills via his favorite instrument the White Knabe Grand Piano. Yes, that’s right! This is the real, the one and only, the original and magnificent piano that was once featured in his his music room at Graceland from 1957 to 1969, and that inspired the biggest rock star of all ages.

What Made This Piano so Special to Elvis?

When Elvis was a boy he attended church revivals at the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis, TN. He was inspired by the gospel performers, moved by the music and payed special attention to the house piano, a Knabe grand piano, on which his inspiration was played. Years later the Knabe piano was put up for sale during a remodeling project at the Ellis. Elvis saw his chance and didn’t hesitate to purchased the Knabe piano which he loved so much! He then had it refurbished in white and moved it into his home.

Elvis Presley White Grand Piano

How Much for Elvis Presley’s Piano You Ask?

If you want to rock down and own a piece of history then this is the piano for you. With a price tag of $1 million it is not something to give your grandkids – unless your grandkid is the seven year old musical genius Elias Phoenix – now he could really rock down on this fine instrument!

Instructions on How to Enjoy a $1 Million Piano

We imagine the best way to enjoy this piano is to locate it to a nice empty spot in your house as a focal point for entertainment. On the loudspeakers with surround sound that you should already have built into your walls you must blast classic Elvis songs all day Elvis Karaokelong. Keep a Karaoke machine at hand and ready along with an Elvis wig and studded costume. Be sure to place police blockade or police tape around the piano before you have company over and don’t allow any red wine on the premise! If you plan on having a major celebration such as a wedding, bar mitzvah or girls’ night plan ahead and secure yourself a skilled Elvis impersonator.

For more information or to purchase the Knabe piano please contact The Dina Collection at (310) 888-8888.

Elizabeth Taylor’s dress from A Place In The Sun

Elizabeth Taylor dubbed as ”greatest movie star of all” was an inspiration to many. This beautiful icon was an activist, fashionista, survivor and an all around amazing woman. We at The Dina Collection are proud to announce that we are in possession of the original Daisy Dress worn by Elizabeth Taylor and seen in the 1951 film ‘A Place In The Sun’.

This gorgeous vintage dress is not as bright and full as it once was, but it still represents a piece of history and elegance that is so desirable today. Own this beautiful dress by contacting The Dina Collection Concierge at (310) 888-8888.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Dress

Dress of Elizabeth Taylor in A Place In The Sun Film