PETER MAX United we stand

Peter Max, born 9.19.1937 in Germany, has inspired Americans for more than four decades with bright colorful paintings, illustrations and mixed media pieces of mainly well known figures and subjects.

As part of the pop art movement, Max uses strong bright colors. In his brush strokes and color use there is “movement” – a flow – unlike the color blocks of Roy Lichtenstein and Warhol. His influence comes from the underground psychedelic concert posters and album art of the sixties, and the pioneer works of Heinz Edelmann (who made the Beatles “yellow submarine” art) and Milton Glaser (who is responsible for the well known “I heart NY”).

The big scale art is something that still surprise us these days when it is really not that innovative anymore, but it started with artists such as Pollock who used big scale canvasses as big as a one bedroom apartment. The pop artists continued with the big scale medium, made it even bigger and popular – Max went even further with the big scale art and made art on a Continental Airlines super jet as canvas, a 40,000 sq foot Norwegian Cruise Line’s ship, and more!

Peter Max continental

Peter Max continental

There is something great about highly successful living working artists. The fact that they know how sought after their works are, they are still here to understand what’s hot and what not, they can do whatever they want, so every new work from them is very interesting. Think how things would have look like if Picasso was still alive and working or Andy Warhol. Peter Max is one of those artists that are still with us, commenting on current affairs through their art.

One of his well known works is called “United we stand” and it  was made after the 9.11 twin towers terror act. Getting one is very difficult  but we did and now we have one of the originals for sale!

It’s mixed media with acrylic over lithograph, the work is framed (size 31 X 38 inches with the frame)and the artist’s signature on the bottom right of the piece. Click here to see it on our shop.

Peter Max united we stand

Peter Max united we stand


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