LA Confidential – Yossi Dina Revisits Luxury

LA Confidential did a nice write up on us as well so we decided to share it with you. View original article here.

Yossi Dina Revisits Luxury
by Andrew Stone

Yossi DinaOver the past several years, as the economic downturn has made its effects known throughout the world, few among us—even our most glamorous friends and neighbors—have been spared. Fewer still can boast an upswing in business. But Yossi Dina—a tough-looking yet decidedly charming ex-Israeli commando—is in the business of lessening others’ economic ennui and thus has seen his empire thrive.

Dina is known as the “pawnbroker to the rich and famous” and is the go-to guy when a starlet, high roller or power broker needs discreet financial relief. His South Beverly Wilshire Jewelry & Loan is known the world over for lending sizable sums to the fabulous set, in exchange for ritzy collateral. (A disarming, respectful staff quickly softens any sense of embarrassment.) It’s an indispensable service at a time when the wisest among us are making tough yet necessary decisions for the future. Meanwhile, his Dina Collection—which operates out of the same space as the pawnshop—is a coveted and impossibleto- duplicate assortment of luxury automobiles, watches, estate jewelry, art and other assorted gorgeousness.

Dina’s refined taste and passion for the items he offers is evident throughout each of these categories. For the timepiece aficionado, there’san array of vintage and designer watches from brands such as Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Hublot Genève. His jewelry selection is sophisticated and vast, including men’s and women’s rings, cuff links, necklaces, bracelets and diamonds. The collection’s garage houses dozens of vehicles that will drop the jaws of even the most seasoned auto enthusiast. Meanwhile, his art offerings include Warhols, Kandinskys, Chagalls and Picassos, as well as a number of works by 19th-century masters.

By the New Year, Dina will have moved to a new, much bigger location down the street, where Dina Collection and South Beverly Wilshire Jewelry & Loan will still share a space but have separate entrances. Whether you’re looking for a truly out-of-this-world gift for someone special this holiday season or simply need the extra funds to buy one, it’s clear Dina is the man to see. Visit

Vintage stunners from Yossi Dina’s store


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