Jewelry Pieces to Help You Put Together Seven Halloween Costumes

Are you headed to a party this weekend and not sure what to wear? Why not build a costume based on your favorite jewelry pieces!

Hoop Earrings
Be a Pirate. Wear a single hoop earring with tall leather boots over skinny black jeans, a billowy white long-sleeve top and a slick pirate hat. If you are looking to upscale your look check out these goregous Gold & Diamond earrings available in store or online:

Bangle Bracelets
Be Cleopatra. Wear a bracelet or two higher on your arm. Add a simple white ankle-length dress cinched with a gold sash, and grab an Egyptian collar. Eyeliner is key!

You can also be Athena. Again, wear the bracelet as an armband. Add a toga (this can be as simple as four yards of fabric bought at a craft store) Use gold curling ribbon around the waist or criss-crossed over the chest for a nice detail.The Dina Collection has an array of bangles to sort through to find the perfect one. These are just a few of the bangles available in store or online:

X-Rated Diamond Bangle

Chandelier Earrings with Necklace
Be an Indian Bride. Wear a pair of beautiful chandelier earrings and jeweled necklace with a saree to look like a Far East princess on her special day. These and more are available in store and online:
Platinum Diamond & Pearl Chandelier Earrings
Emerald Necklace with Dangled Pearl

Large Diamond Earrings
Be Marilyn Monroe. Pair the diamond earrings with a knee-length, halter-top white dress to get the iconic look Marilyn made famous.

Also be Elizabeth Taylor. Set off your diamond earrings by using a scarf to wrap your hair up in Taylor’s infamous turban, secure it with a glitzy pin or brooch, and wear the classiest formal dress in your closet. Earrings and an array of brooches are available at The Dina Collection. Here are a few:
Pave Set Diamond 14K Stud EarringsBird of Passion Brooch
Pearl Necklace
Be Audrey Hepburn. Combine as many pearls as you can with a cute little black dress, throw up your hair in a timeless 60s up-do and grab a cigarette holder to become her in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Available in store or online, take a look at this lovely pearl piece:18K Buccellati Pearl Necklace

Good luck and don’t forget to have fun with it!

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