Finally! An Answer to the Question: Vintage or Antique?

No matter the day or special occasion, jewelry is something we all have decorated ourselves with throughout our lifetime. With the Halloween festivities coming up, the rush to pick out the perfect outfit for the holiday begins! Why not try some old, majestic jewelry to authenticate some of the most iconic costumes.

When classifying jewelry, one begins usually by naming them by their period in Royalty history (i.e. Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian). Further, there are also two other ways in which to identify the pieces – as Art Nouveau (1895-1910) or Art Deco (1925-1940).

However, the two most commonly heard classifications are vintage and antique. But how does one know if they own a piece of antique and vintage jewelry? These terms may appear to be used interchangeably however, they are two separate forms of categorizing jewelry. Let’s help clarify the difference!

Antique Jewelry
To be considered an antique, the piece of jewelry commonly needs to be 100 years or older. If it doesn’t meet this age requirement, it would be classified as vintage jewelry. Antique jewelry is usually desired by its age, brilliance, rarity and even their sentimental connection. In Europe, versus here in the United States, because of the age of the country and/or region, the term antique also varies its meaning. Often times, European jewelry pieces need to be more than 100 years old to be recognized as antique because of Europe’s broad history.

A few examples of antique jewelry, available at The Dina Collection, shown here:
Antique Gold Diamond Chandelier Earrings
Antique Enamel Sapphire, Emerald & Diamond Beetle Brooch

Vintage Jewelry
To be classified as vintage, a jewelry piece needs to be at least 20 years old. For example, jewelry from the ‘80s and ‘90s could be termed vintage but, jewelry from the 2000s would not be. Also, jewelry from the Art Deco and Mid Century design periods are also considered vintage. This term can be applied to most jewelry pieces that are less than 100 years in age. “Basically, it’s a piece that’s not new or modern,” says a well-known vintage jewelry dealer. One important note however, is vintage jewelry cannot be made.  Using vintage parts like beads to create jewelry does not classify it as such.

A few examples of vintage jewelry, available at The Dina Collection, shown here:
Vintage 1920's Russian Silver & Enamel Cigarette Holder
Art Deco 1920's Vintage French Sapphire & Diamond 18K Gold Bracelet

Now, with all this new knowledge scooped up, go have fun and explore the world of intriguing vintage and antique jewelry at!

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