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   Van Cleef & Arpels have been making exquisite jewelry inspired by their love for each other since 1906. Daughter of dealer in precious stones, Estelle Arples and Alfred Van Cleef, who was the son of a Stone-cutter married in 1985, the beginning of a dazzling journey. The young enthusiastic couple whom had a passion for precious stones found the Maison of Van Cleef & Arples in Place Vendome in Paris. Over the years they achieved success in making beloved jewelry that has been accompanied by an enchanting love story.


Estelle Arples and Alfred Van Cleef

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Mary Pickford’s Gold Travel Clock

One of the beautiful things about Hollywood is the past. We all know about the current stars, the “Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolies”, the live TV  Oscars and premiers, the selfies and the red carpet tweets. But all of this wouldn’t have happened without those who were there in the old days, when it all began more than 100 years ago in a huge area called Los Feliz in Los Angeles, an area that was nothing but sand.

Back in the old days, the first days of cinema, you had to be a visionary. Motion pictures were a novelty and the movies were silent, but it was a business and an industry before anything else. As in today, Hollywood was always a two-fold animal – the people in the front which are the stars and the people in the back which are the money people and the crew, those who really make it happen.

One of the first female stars in Hollywood was actress Mary Pickford  (April 8, 1892 – May 29, 1979). Her life story and career is the story of the beginning of Hollywood. She started as a kid in 1905 Broadway when a producer asked her to change her name from Gladys Louise Smith to Mary Pickford. From Broadway she moved to Nickelodeon films (it wasn’t a TV channel yet as there was nothing called Television yet!).

Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford

She moved to California with other movie business figures to seek a better weather for shooting and longer light hours than in the east coast. Here in Los Angeles her career got even stronger. In 1916, Pickford and Charlie Chaplin were the most famous figures in the movie business, Pickford was granted full authority over production of the films in which she starred, which was unheard of, mainly for a woman in those days.

The clash and tension between actors, directors and the studios was always a problem in Hollywood. The movie business is a high stake game and huge egos just make it worse. Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and others had a lot of tension and couldn’t come to an agreement on a lot of issues in more than one of their movies, so on 1919, Pickford, along with D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, and Douglas Fairbanks, formed the independent film production company United Artists. It’s very important to understand that the world was a men’s world with no women CEO’s or anything remotely close to today’s business world.

 D.W. Griffith, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin (seated) and Douglas Fairbanks at the signing of the contract establishing United Artists motion picture studio in 1919.

D.W. Griffith, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin (seated) and Douglas Fairbanks at the signing of the contract establishing United Artists motion picture studio in 1919.

This is just a short biography of Mary Pickford to let you know how important this woman was and why her memorabilia is so important.

We now sell her gold travel watch, which is not only a vintage or a gold watch, it’s Mary Pickford’s watch who was out of reach for anyone for years! this watch is Hollywood memorabilia to the max! you can talk about this watch and who he belonged to for hours and hours! Click here to to see the watch on our shop.

mary pickford watch

mary pickford watch

James Bond Rolex watch

If there is something we can all agree on is that James Bond is the most famous spy in the world and a very well known Hollywood character regardless of the actor who plays him. Another thing we all know is that everyone has their own favorite Bond movie and a favorite actor as her majesty’s spy 007.

All that makes any memorabilia from James Bond films highly collectible. One of the characteristics of Bond is the luxurious life he lives – fast cars, beautiful ladies and what not, everything Bond does has tons of style. One of the most seek after artifacts from the Bond franchise is a Bond’s watch. The man who invented 007, writer Ian Fleming, gave Bond’s watch special importance in the James Bond books. He once said “A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit”. Since the first Bond movie on 1962 the watches played important role. During the long life of the Bond franchise, he had watches from Rolex, Seiko and Omega.

on her majesty's secret service

on her majesty’s secret service

On 1969′s Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Services, actor George Lazenby played Bond for the first time and the last time! it was a one time gig and nobody really knows why. Lazenby was offered a 7 movie contract as James Bond and he turned it down! Some people will argue that Lazenby was the best Bond and that  On Her Majesty’s Secret Services is the best Bond movie.

Here at The Dina Collection we have a lot of Hollywood memorabilia and lots of watches, but this watch is very special as it is the one Bond wore on On Her Majesty’s Secret Services!

In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Lazenby wore two different Rolex Watches -Rolex Submariner and a Pre-Datyona Rolex Chronograph which is the one you can see in the picture below from the movie and is the one we have.

James bond watch from the movie

James bond watch from the movie

It’s a beautiful Rolex Chronograph with serial number engraved on it’s side. It’s one of those items we have in the shop that everybody ask about, but no one made a good offer on it yet. So we decided to put it online for you to see. Here is a direct link to it.

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The History of Rolex

England is best known for their Royal family, Wimbledon, Shakespeare, historic castles, high tea, fish and chips, impeccable punctuality and the beginning of one of the greatest and most popular watch companies of all time – Rolex!

Rolex Logo

History of Rolex

Rolex Hans WilsdorfIt is a fact that the British are always on time, and one contributing factor to this punctuality began in the early 1900’s when Hans Wilsdorf, a watch maker who trained under a Swiss manufacturer, and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, opened a watch company in London called Wilsdorf & Davis. This family owned business specialized in high end timepieces and would quickly become one of the most precise, prestigious and revolutionary brands of watches. In 1908, Wilsdorf registered the trademark “Rolex”, a name that he found to be easily pronounceable in any language to represent his amazing watches. In 1919, he left England due to the hight wartime taxes and duties that were levied on luxury imports and exports which drove his costs too high. Wilsdorf moved his company to Geneva, Switzerland, where it was established as the Rolex Watch Company.

Rolex Technology

ROLEX Submariner Steel Green Dial Watch

Rolex pioneered improvements in manufacturing that would change the entire industry, with innovations such as water and dust proof system, timer, chronometer and their incredibly resistant materials. The Rolex bezel is considered impossible to break and is made of the same material that NASA uses on space shuttles. In fact, the dial can handle the pressure of 3900 meters; as the dial is made of titanium. The metal used in Rolex watches is so strong in fact, that the factory had to develop a fabrication press that weighs 250 tons to manage it! This is obviously not just an expensive and high end brand; it is a top quality product with a lifetime investment value.

Rolex Contributions

In 1944 after the passing of his beloved wife, Hans Wilsdorf left all of his shares in Rolex to the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, a foundation he established to make sure that an amount of the company’s income would go to charity. Rolex remains a foundation to the present day and greatly supports charitable causes. According to various rumors it has been said that the Vatican recently bought part of it Rolex, yet this is a rumor we have yet to confirm. Anyhow, the quality of the manufactory remains famous for their flawless productions.

Here at The Dina collection, we proudly carry many different kinds of Rolex. Year after year, the brand continues to be a top choice by many watch fans and experts. More than just a timepiece, Rolex offers a new way to be on time through precisian, class and elegance. With diamonds, sapphires or just simply classic gold you will enjoy your Rolex for years to come! Hurry to our website or visit our store to purchase your very own Rolex today!

ROLEX Day-Date President 18K Yellow Gold With Diamond Bezel And Dial

The $1 Million Patek Philippe!

If watches are what you love then you have come to the right place! We are excited to share this exciting and treasured timepiece with you that will keep you on the edge of your seat – just as it has done to us from the moment it arrived in our beautiful store! The Patek Philippe 3974 R Minute Repeater Perpetual Automatic watch is a rare and important timepiece to the general public and horologists alike. It is one of the most desirable modern Patek Philippe watches in the world and features an automatic Patek Philippe movement with the time, perpetual calendar, moon phase indicator, and a minute repeater complication with an elegant chime to announce the time.

This watch is the perfect size of just 36mm wide with a classic leather band. It may look simple in nature to those not interested in watches, yet the technology and skill used to create this work of art makes it stand out from the competition. The perpetual calendar alone is an exciting feature: it allows you to track the date, day of the week, month, year, leap year and most amazingly it only needs to be adjusted once every century. Yes, once a CENTURY meaning most owners of this watch will never, ever have to adjust the calendar in their entire lifetime! Talk about being stranded on a desert island – if that is the case this is the watch you want. It may not feed you or provide you with shelter, but at least you will know exactly how long you were stranded and the season so you can retell your story with timestamped accuracy!

This spectacular Patek boasts a price tag of over $1 million dollars, it is truly remarkable and reflects the tenacity of the market as well as the collectible nature of the Patek Philippe brand. If you aren’t a watch lover yet this piece should be your catalyst!

$1 Million Patek Philippe 3974 R Minute Repeater Perpetual Automatic$1 Million Patek Philippe 3974

Patek Philippe with Automatic Movement, 36mm Case, Manufactured in 1994.

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The King of Beverly Hills Yossi vs Clark Gable

Check out this sneak peek into the vault at The Dina Collection. The vault houses a 1935 Bubbleback Rolex watch that belonged to Clark Gable the king of Hollywood! Find out who the King of Beverly Hills is… We here at The Dina Collection have watched this over and over because it shows how funny Yossi can be – Enjoy!

The King of Beverly Hills vs. the King of Hollywood