Understanding and Doing our Part on Veterans Day


Veterans Day was created to honor, give thanks and pay our respect to those brave men and woman who have served their nation. These individuals have selflessly set aside their everyday lives in order to defend ones country and freedoms, this willingness and sacrifice is admired by us all here at The Dina Collection. This type of courage and dedication is what makes a nation strong. Take some time to understand the history of the Holiday itself, how the holiday was originally called “Armistice Day” and was first celebrated on November 11, 1919 which happened to be the first anniversary of World War I.


While we cannot even begin to repay these souls for wanting to help us seek peace, we can surely assist with easing any difficulty that they may be experiencing such as physical, psychological or even financial hardship. There are various ways we can show our gratitude, here are a couple foundations where you can donate:

National Veterans Foundation

Disabled Veterans Foundation 

Veterans Support Foundation 

Purple Heart Foundation 

Richard Burton for today’s Man Crush Monday


Today’s #ManCrushMonday will go to Birthday boy Richard Burton. Although he is recognized for his turbulent lifestyle alongside the numerous marriages he has had, Richard Burton is still one of the more celebrated actors from the post-World War II era. Well known for his infamous marriage, divorce and then remarriage to Elizabeth Taylor, Burton was definitely a ladies man back in his day. Nevertheless, Richard Burton established himself as a Shakespearean actor in the 1950’s especially in his role in Hamlet. He practiced his talents in many mediums like film, TV, Radio, stage and Commercial and was nominated seven times for an Academy Award! Check out this short Documentary on our Man Crush today and celebrate his birthday and accomplishments!

Forget Me Not Day

To celebrate today’s fun holiday “Forget me not day” we want to Motivate you all to go out of your way to send a family, friend or a loved one a little something special!


We all love a bouquet a flowers!

Here are some Suggestions on how you can make that special person know that they are being thought of!

  • Take them out to a memorable dinner where you can reminisce
  • Or forget that and cook them up a special meal
  • Get them a “Favorite” something of theirs
  • Write a card
  • Let them know their potential and congratulate them on their success thus far
  • Send them a funny video
  • Tell them what qualities about them you admire
  • Introduce them to something new
  • Frame a photo of the two of you
  • Simply tell them you care about them!
  • Get a gift from The Dina Collection of course!


Here is a great gift idea if you really want to show someone that they will never be forgotten! You can find this here at The Dina Collection eBay account. We assure you, you too will not be forgotten if you are giving this as a gift!



I Mustache You a Question!

Welcome to November also known as “Movember” or “No Shave November,” the month where many are beyond ecstatic to not have to shave. It is the month where we see many trying to emulate signature mustaches such as the “Artist” like Salvador Dali, the “Genius” like Einstein, or maybe even the “Philosopher” like Friedrich Nietzsche. Whoever or whatever the reason, facial hair has become a popular accessory for November as well as a trend that contributes to a great cause.

Movember started as a nonprofit organization to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. According to the Movember Foundation, in 2013 they rose around $559 million and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries!

Another great foundation is No Shave November, which simply raises awareness for cancer, encouraging women to participate as well. That’s right ladies, you are allowed to bring the 70’s back this month; let your hair loose and those legs get mangly for a wonderful cause.

Yossi Dina himself when he had some hair!

Yossi Dina himself when he had some hair!

You can join a team or do it solo, either way this is a fun way to raise awareness and not worry about having an excuse for sporting a shaggy look this month.

If you would like to participate or donate, please feel free to go on Movember Foundation’s site.  Or go to No Shave Novembers site,  Make this Movember count and form a part of a great initiative!

Here are some famous Mustaches!

Andy Warhol “Edward Kennedy”

We just got a new arrival on our online shop for you. For those of you who like pop art, we are talking about a very famous work by Andy Warhol and not only that, it’s important in the American politics as well.

The story goes like this: Elected to the United States Senate in 1962, Edward Kennedy owed his early success to his close identification with his elder brothers, President John F. Kennedy, whose Senate term he completed, and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

Kennedy sought the presidency in 1980 and commissioned Warhol’s silkscreened portrait, which was a smart move for Kennedy’s fund-raising. It’s funny but four years prior to Kennedy, Warhol portrayed Jimmy Carter who won the Democratic nomination instead of Kennedy.

Andy Warhol - “Edward Kennedy”

Andy Warhol – “Edward Kennedy”

Warhol used black & white silk screen and painted lines on it with the colors of the American flag – Red and blue to enhance the patriotism feel, while diamond dust which he sprinkled on top, provides a glamorous effect to the whole artwork.

Edward Kennedy became known as “The Lion of the Senate” through his long tenure and influence. More than 300 bills that Kennedy and his staff wrote were enacted into law.

Warhol made an edition of 300 and we have number 182 for sale. Click here for price and details.


Michael Jackson custom shirt for sale!

Back in 1995 TV was the queen and Michael Jackson was “the king of pop”, but cracks started showing in his reign. The media sensed it’s a great chance to make those cracks even bigger for the whole world to see, so TV executives from every other network started to stir up the pot and fight who will get an interview with the king of pop who had headlines all over accusing him for child sexual abuse.

After working very hard to get an interview, ABC news got it. There are lots of people in the TV industry that will say that the behind the scenes deal making process of ABC news with Michael Jackson changed the whole game of getting high profile interviews to something much dirtier, but what’s done is done and Diane Sawyer got to interview the king of pop and his then wife Lisa Marie Presley for a live interview with tons of hard personal questions and issues for 60 million people to watch.

In this interview Michael Jackson wore a unique custom silk shirt which over night  got to be highly recognizable, mainly because this interview was so important for the TV industry, the music industry and naturally for M.J.’s life. The shirt is a burgundy silk long-sleeve button front shirt customized with black silk armband on right arm, triple seven metal charms sewn onto epaulets, and eagle over unicorn crest buttons. We now have this shirt and we are selling it!

Michael Jackson wearing the shirt on the air

Michael Jackson wearing the shirt on the air

The best thing about memorabilia items like this is that there is only one of it! If you have this shirt you are the only one with it in the whole world!! This shirt will be famous forever.

We are selling this Michael Jackson custom shirt for $18,000 which is a really good price for a highly collectible Michael Jackson’s memorabilia. If you want to buy it please give us a call (310) 888-8888 or email us and ask about the Michael Jackson shirt.


Michael Jackson's silk shirt

Michael Jackson’s silk shirt