Andy Warhol “Edward Kennedy”

We just got a new arrival on our online shop for you. For those of you who like pop art, we are talking about a very famous work by Andy Warhol and not only that, it’s important in the American politics as well.

The story goes like this: Elected to the United States Senate in 1962, Edward Kennedy owed his early success to his close identification with his elder brothers, President John F. Kennedy, whose Senate term he completed, and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

Kennedy sought the presidency in 1980 and commissioned Warhol’s silkscreened portrait, which was a smart move for Kennedy’s fund-raising. It’s funny but four years prior to Kennedy, Warhol portrayed Jimmy Carter who won the Democratic nomination instead of Kennedy.

Andy Warhol - “Edward Kennedy”

Andy Warhol – “Edward Kennedy”

Warhol used black & white silk screen and painted lines on it with the colors of the American flag – Red and blue to enhance the patriotism feel, while diamond dust which he sprinkled on top, provides a glamorous effect to the whole artwork.

Edward Kennedy became known as “The Lion of the Senate” through his long tenure and influence. More than 300 bills that Kennedy and his staff wrote were enacted into law.

Warhol made an edition of 300 and we have number 182 for sale. Click here for price and details.


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